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My dads work bench, running with CHANGE

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I had a dream that I was getting all the change (quarters) off of my dads work bench (where he keeps his tools). This is in the house I grew up in. The only thing was, in the dream it was my husbands work bench, and our house. I wanted to get the quarters to get a coffee at starbucks, after I went for my run. There were LOTS of quarters, more than I needed. I figured I would get a latte instead of a reg coffee (as I usually get reg coffee). I was thinking that I would put them in the little zipper pocket in my running capris, and since its a small thin pocket, there wouldnt be room for them to be jingling around while I ran. lol! Irl I wouldn't run with this much change in my pockets, it would weigh me down, but in the dream I wasn't concerned one bit about it.

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Hi, Daisy -

This dream's gotta be about a blessing for you. A blessing that's "more than what you needed." The details of this dream all seem to reinforce the fact that this is more than enough!

There wouldn't be any room for the change to move since it totally filled your pocket. I thought of Luke 6:38 where it says:

"...Your gift will return to you in full--pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap...

Really doesn't leave any wiggle-room.

On top of that, the blessing allowed you to splurge. Instead of getting what you expected - what had been the norm for you - you were able to get a latte. You figured you would get a latte. It was ok in your mind to do this. Think about that a bit - it said a lot to me. You didn't doubt that this was something you could/should do.

The detail about the work bench belonging to your husband (but also your father's)... The blessing may come through your husband, from your Heavenly Father. It's a work bench, so it may be a blessing from his job.

Be blessed my friend,

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