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Beach Bowling

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I know that I was at some building that was for an event like a high school reunion. I was one of the first to arrive, so there was some waiting to be done until everyone else showed up. The place was a cross between a bowling alley and a house. The bowling alley part was in an area closer to the outside of the building. What I mean by that is that the room that I was in that seemed like a house was deep within the overall building. We would have already passed through the bowling alley part to reach this area. Going to the bowling alley area would mean going outwards from where we were. This seemed significant in the dream.

So, I was waiting for this shin-dig to begin. I didn't seem all that enthused about it. It wasn't that important to me to see these people, again, but I also felt like it wouldn't hurt for them to see who I had become. I wasn't the same person that I was in high school, and I also didn't care whether I had their approval or not.

I was seated, and there was a guy sitting in front of me that I had to strain to remember from middle school. I don't believe he went to the same high school as I did. Well, in the dream, he had pierced ears, a mullet, and thick-lensed glasses. He was also husky-muscular, but certainly not as impressive to everyone else as he was to himself. Back when I knew him, he was one of the first adolescents to begin working out and such, and he thought he was a big deal because of that. When I saw him in the dream, it was clear that he was older, but that he hadn't aged well since he stuck with a style that only worked in the 80's and 90's. He wasn't speaking to me, but I heard his conversation with someone unseen. He said, "Back then, I was pretty cute. I was kind of a big deal." The thing is, he said it as if nothing had changed. I dismissed anything I heard during this moment.

I sat there, waiting, and I saw an open closet with two containers inside that were mine. One was a bowling ball bag that had my bowling ball in it. The other was a clear Rubbermaid-type container with some clothes stored in it.

Many people arrived and soon the event began. As we began to leave this room, there was a feeling that water was going to be creeping up to whatever elevation we were at...and that it'd probably enter the room, soon.

I headed out into the bowling area with the others. I was with them, but I felt separated from them - and I seemed to prefer this. I didn't feel caught up in anyone's group.

As I made my way across the stretch of space behind the lanes, people began separating into groups at each lane. On the way, I saw a woman that I knew in real life. I wasn't all that pleased to see her. I didn't seek her out as I passed where she was. We only knew who each other was, but we didn't have any experiences that we'd be able to have a conversation about. We knew some of the same people, and that'd be it.

Anyway, the building transitioned a bit. I moved toward what would be the lanes - the actual point where you'd bowl - and it became a beach on a large body of water. It wasn't the most calm, so it seemed more like the ocean with the waves rolling in. Everyone was bowling into the sea. They'd approach the waters edge and roll their ball in with the same form and intent like they would on a real bowling lane. It seemed "normal" within the dream.

The water was slowing moving further inland. I found myself searching for my bowling ball. I moved across the beach, hoping to find the bag that I had seen earlier. I was also barefoot and in jeans, and as the water moved upwards, the bottoms of my pantlegs got wet. I really wanted to change into more appropriate beach attire before I could participate.

As the water level rose, I moved further across the beach, distancing myself from the groups that were bowling. There was one or two children playing in this area. As the water washed over the shore, I could feel garbage buried under the sand. The washing of the waves loosened the packed sand so that my feet would sink into it a little bit, and then I'd feel things. I was actually disgusted with the beach, now, and how all this garbage had been buried. The waves revealed more and more as I moved further away. I was still searching for that bag. I reached a point, though, where I saw something ahead. It was the Rubbermaid container, and I saw the clothes through the clear plastic sides - there was at least a pair of shorts that I could wear, and I felt good about that.

The last thing that I remember was that the water was now washing over something printed into the sand - it was the name of this whole place, like a resort name. It was a typical resort-type name, something that was meant to inspire a carefree feeling, I guess. The thing was, the waves were unearthing the hidden garbage all around this logo, and I sort of scoffed about it to myself. I knew that this place wasn't truly what it claimed to be.

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Ok...besides my desires to participate in the bowling, itself, many details of this dream were manifested simply in conversation this morning. I didn't initiate any of them - all conversations were completely random, in fact, with me being the spectator.

The "Reunion" was brought up by my brother, who I didn't even know was going to be celebrating his 20th class reunion this year.

The "Girl" that I saw was mentioned by my brother. She's not someone that's brought up with any frequency - neither of us are in contact with her and, at best, her name's mentioned maybe once or twice a year.

The "Beach With Garbage" was a story passed on from my mother. My sister and niece are in Guatemala, and while they said that the beaches look pretty, you can't swim in them because the water's full of trash.

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WOW! How uncanny, in detail how your dream manifested IRL! Thanks for sharing that! Very insightful info just hearing from your own family! So neat, how The Lord is revealing things to you!

- Sunny

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