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Turning Over A Scammer

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This was a short dream. I was outside of a building that seemed like both a school and a bank. I had found a woman that had scammed me, somehow. I knew that she had stolen money from me. I don't know how I found her, but it felt like it had been done supernaturally. Having been found out, she was now pretty much powerless. She didn't try to run, and there was nothing that I had to keep her from trying to get away. Still, it was like she had no choice but to enter this building with me.

Inside, we made our way to an upper floor that had the bank section in it. Most of the building seemed like a school, but this small section was like a bank. She was practically pleading with me to let her go. I don't know that I had been given back what she had stolen, though. However, I knew that once I turned her over to someone here, everything would be taken care of.

I found someone in authority that worked here. This woman was very experienced in fraud-related issues. I was very satisfied that this woman would be handling things for me - even a little excited about it. I just knew that she knew her stuff and would handle my issue with total excellence. In her hands, I'd definitely get back everything that was taken from me by the scammer.

I turned the scammer over and went on my way. I didn't feel like I needed to stick around. In fact, I had somewhere else to be that seemed important, and I didn't want to be late.

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