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A Fake Five Dollar Bill

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In this dream, I was in a building that both a house and a business. I was speaking with an elderly woman, one that I worked with years ago in retail. She was in the middle of hiring a new employee. The new employee was separated from us while we spoke, off in some other room. The elderly woman seemed to have her doubts about this new employee.

She came to me, saying that she had collected a five dollar bill from this employee, which seemed to be a normal part of the hiring process. Everyone would have had to pay that when they were hired. Well, she felt that she had been handed a fake bill. She couldn't tell, though. She brought the bill to me, asking that I determine if it was real or not. She knew that I'd be able to tell if I had a few moments to really examine it. I took the bill and held it up to light, looking for something inside the bill that wouldn't normally be visible. I didn't see what I was looking for, plus the bill seemed really thin, so I was pretty sure that it was fake. However, I wanted to check one more thing about it. It was important to me that I be certain before calling this new hire out on her scam. I took the bill into another room where one of my cousins was sitting. She immediately left the room so that I could have it to myself to do whatever it was that I was going to do as my final test. The dream ends without me doing whatever it was.

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