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Mission trip to Mexico in the trash dumps...

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I dreamed that I went on a mission trip to Mexico with a church. It was quite a trek to get there, as we went by bus. I remember the group split into two teams and my group went down a dirt road that was lined with trash. It was like there were no official trash dumps so people just dumped it in this area and bulldozed it to keep the road clear. I was excited to get to minister to this group of people, but we didn't stop there. We continued on to the city square where there were modern shops. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. I thought that if I were to live there, at least there were shops, but I wanted to minister to the people there. I got the idea that the stop at the square was temporary, just to get lunch. (I am aware that there is a literal place in Mexico where the people are called "trash people" because they live amidst the trash dumps.)

Some of the leadership told the women to be careful about their breasts and to be extremely modest as the men there look for any opportunity to make advances towards the women. They were indicating not to wear shirts where breasts were even somewhat discernible. If the men could discern them, they took it as an open invitation. I was very careful and self-conscious.

The next thing I remember we were at the beach and I was very excited as I love the beach. A few feet from the beach, I noticed there was snow! I became even more excited. I exclaimed, "I can't believe there's snow too! I got everything I wanted!" I found the fact that I said this surprising because I didn't remember asking for anything or expecting anything special on this mission trip, but I was delighted anyway. EOD.

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