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The Real Super Friends??!

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Greetings Fellow Believers

I just woke up from a very long and daunting dream. I can barley rise out of bed because I feel as though something supernatural has happened and has left me kind of weak as if I've been hit by the Holy Spirit and that the enemy was trying to come against me at the same time.. I feel victorious  but also weary and drained as if I've really been in battle and intercession.  😇

It started with me at a large abandoned building that had been "moved into" by some other believers.

I was in a living room or bedroom of this place and ready for sleep but felt some demonic activity so I began to cast out evil spirits before going to bed.  The police had come by looking for some guy by name and I told them that he was not there and I didn't know him.   The very next morning I was making breakfast and the police came by again looking for that same guy so I laughed and asked them " Who is this guy?" Look he's not here and this space is mines. The cops showed me a bowl of cereal that had been made within the past hour.  I said "Hmmmm.. That doesn't belong here and that person you're looking for no longer resides here nor should he be here making breakfast."

I sent them away and began some rebuking and casting out of evil spirits. Later in the day   some  friends had come through and taken residence in this huge vertical building. I think we began to realize that we were somewhat different and were not be trifled with.  I believe that our crew was all men and we began to search the rest of the building. Although abandoned it was all white with many floors and many rooms, some rooms had been furnished by former occupants and covered in see through plastic tarp. The entire building  was all white with some peeling paint that silver coloring on the other side that faced the wall.

My team of guys and I armed ourselves with battle fatigues and weapons as we searched each floor.  Our intelligence stated that there were some other guys there who were armed and dangerous so we proceeded to search  cautiously.

At one floor in particular there was a balcony that overlooked Hollywood Blvd. of all places. We noticed that there was some uneasiness on the streets and that some evil beings with super powers had come to bring harm to our planet.  The were working their way from the beach cities I suppose and causing chaos wherever they went.

We continued to search the building and finally found the guys we were looking for. They had found a huge abandoned suite or office and were sleeping dorm style and sticking close together. My team surprised them while they were in bed  and doing other things. We disarmed them and made them separate and began to question them. I wasn't sure if I should execute them or not but the Holy Spirit said that they were His but needed guidance & leadership. So I took them on my team and realized a select few had hidden powers as well.  As we formed a bond we looked off the balcony and saw that trouble was coming our way . Some of our guys went to their assigned position and an elite team of us began to move onto other parts of the building and found an enclosed  bridge that lead us into a really nice hotel. On our way to the battle we met some sisters in Christ who were on their way to an underground headquarters that they had previously established and wanted us to join them at some point. Some of the younger guys and girls smiled at each other as if they were in kindergarten and was asked by the teacher to hold hands and dance together.  I made a joke about it to my team and told them to move out and keep focused on the mission.

As we made our way through that building we saw two women, one olds and one young. The older woman had her back towards us and had something on the floor next to her feet and under a tan tarp.

She was taking up a storm to somebody but I don't know who and when she turned to face us she was wearing a beard & mustache.
That sort of shocked us to say the least. I pulled the tarp back and saw a very very large dog. It was black with white striped paws and tail, also very muscular. Just like its owner it had a very weird face because when I walked in front of  it had a large head (of a normal sized bulldog) that was white.... She said don't get too close cause she's very mean and will try to bite you. She gets that way when she's been smoking marijuana and drinking beer..

We looked at each other and shook our heads and kept moving. My guys when down to the first floor and I kept watch from the hotel balcony about 400 ft up. When I knew in my spirit that the enemy was flying over to our area I felt the urge to jump.. (Something I've never ever done in a dream) It was a little scary but I heard The Lord say " Just let go son"
You need to understand me and my power and how to use it. Don't be afraid.

So I let go of the ledge and jumped..,400 ft!!! It felt exhilarating and I landed on my feet and felt such a rush and surge of power from The Lord that it made me KNOW that I was in position to do battle with the enemy and and bring utter pain to him and his camp..

My team had come from the elevator I suppose but they were there and I knew they were covered and had some supernatural Godly powers of their own. As a matter of fact one guy is like a younger brother to me who lives back east. He was the last one in line as the team was headed out the lobby onto Hollywood Blvd for the fight! We high fived and made a joke and laughed and that's how I woke up laughing but with the love and laughter of The Lord.

Also though it felt and still feels like I was really flying or had jumped off a building without a parachute.. Hard to explain but Im in tears of joy., its incomprehensible! I woke up feeling as though I was in a battle against darkness and The Lord has been with me and guiding. Awesome but STILL can someone interpret this for me?

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This is so wonderful! I love this dream! I believe the super powers are symbolic of Spiritual gifting from The Lord. What I'm getting out of this is that you are or will be a leader of some sort, encouraging others to not get distracted, but to stay focused on what the true mission is. There may be someone part of this group that stand out and does things that aren't of the norm..when I read this I felt like the woman and her dog represent some type of false leadership or something. Whoever this person represents, they will need your leadership, and love but be wary because they might have their own agenda. Please pray into the meaning of the lady and the dog for The Lord to give you full revelation on this part. The Lord is encouraging you to take a leap of faith in this gifting He has bestowed on you! Enjoy this moment! And get ready to go to battle with your fellow brothers and sisters! Woohoo!

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Hi Daphanie, thank for your input! Yes it was a lonnng dream and still haven't quite figured it out but I was very excited about the " Jump" onto Hollywood Blvd from a 400 ft. Ledge. lol

The way I felt waking up, I knew The Lord had moved in this Night Vision. I'm still seeking the meaning of woman & dog. 😉

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