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A Retail Encounter

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I was at a store in my city. I wasn't working there. An ex, however, was. It was fairly early in the workday. She wanted to see me about something. When I found her, she basically told me that she had this teaching about dreams. It was this thick packet of papers. I don't remember if she gave it to me, or if she had invited me to hear it. That part isn't clear. I did, however, have to get back to her sometime later. When I saw the packet that she had, I felt like it wasn't something for me. I never got the chance to tell her how I had actually already gone through quite a bit of training related to dreams and that I had all of my own experiences that I could share with her. She suddenly got very busy and was caught up with work, so there was no reaching her. I felt only the slightest bit of frustration about this, but it wasn't that strong. I just kind of let it go. I wanted her to understand where I was at, ministry-wise, because there was this assumption that I wasn't in ministry at all.

Next, my stepbrother was there and I was following him around the nearby aisles. He was looking for a gift for my mother. He found this large chicken-themed clock, which he decided that he'd buy because it was on sale. The price was something outrageous, like $288...and the regular price was just barely over $300. I saw the sale price, first, and thought it was too expensive. When I saw that this was actually the sale price, then I was curious as to what the regular price was. I expected it to be in the upper $300 range, which would show that this was at least a good percentage off. When I saw the actual regular price, though, that's when I thought that it wasn't much of a sale. He was buying it, though, and he told me rather sternly, "And don't go telling her this time...." Apparently I had ruined some surprise in the past by saying something. I remembered it in the dream, but there's nothing like that that's happened in real life.

Finally, I was making my way out of the store. There were a lot of people there. The store also had a lot of displays in the middle of the aisle (which annoys me in real life). I had this, "Oh, they're back to merchandising like this, again..." thought as I headed toward the front. A man came up behind me and asked me for help finding some children's shoes, like toddler-age. I turned around and told him, "Uh, I don't work here...but, I did about 10 years ago..." I had decided that I would help him, anyway, but someone else showed up with the shoes he was looking for before I could get started.

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