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ana alexandra

My Pastor & Family

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1st dream

I was in a hotel room watching Star Wars. At first, the original Star Wars came on then it turned into a different updated version. I noticed that I was laying down while I attentively watched. Unusually, I was focused only on the television and the movie.

2nd dream
I was following an acquaintance that happens to be a female with a similar role to me in ministry. We were walking on a street by exspensive lofts. At 1st valet parking only dropped off or picked up people 1 car at a time. The crowd increased and the street became packed. I was still following the acquaintance when we happened to see our Pastor, his wife & daughter pass by. His wife looked as if she recognized my acquaintance but was not sure. She just told her daughter to stop staring and kept following our Pastor through crowd.

3rd dream

I was in a decent hotel room alone. My Pastor called me and asked me how everything was going in my location. We spoke for a long time as I told how I ended up at the ministry and the advancement since. Before I knew it, My pastor, his wife and daughter showed up at my door. I let them in. They seemed very comfortable. My pastor’s wife began to lay down on the bed and sleep. Their son came to the door and my Pastor introduced me to him. He asked to use the bathroom and I had another long conversation with my Pastor . I told my Pastor of some of my struggles and his wife woke up. He alarmed me that she’s very compassionate so she’s going to want to be a blessing. She told her daughter to give me some fruit. As she said that, about 3 other people from our ministry showed up. The Pastor’s daughter passed out plums. I really wanted one but she handed me a watermelon instead.

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