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A Would-Be Accident and A Tough Call Home

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Please pray that I have wisdom for who/what this relates to in real life!

The call home is probably more important since that may be about my praying/asking God for help...

I was working at my old retail job and my brother was with me. He was close to me. It was time for him to leave, though. I took him by the hand and went outside with him. I should probably point out that he was much younger - like elementary school age. I began to ask him how, exactly, he was going to get home. He replied that he was going to ride a four wheeler with someone I went to high school with named Peter. I have not seen or heard from Peter even once since high school, although we were decent friends through graduation. We walked along the front of the building, nearing a place that he was supposed to meet up with Peter for this ride home. Peter was already there, but we were slow in arriving on time. Having sat there waiting for a bit and not seeing us, Peter decided to take off on a quick lap around the parking lot. Now, he had the four wheeler that my brother was going to ride, but it was attached to something that looked like an old tractor. Peter took off on this contraption and made it halfway around the parking lot before the thing suddenly fell apart and he ended up in a mess. I don't know if he was injured or what, but we really had no concern about him or what we saw - I was concerned about my brother still planning to head home on this thing! Still taking him by the hand, I convinced him that this was simply not a good idea, and I got him to agree to call our mother to pick him up.

Calling mom was difficult, though. I walked over to a rack in the store that had...get this...cell phones made out of summer sausage. I picked up one and planned to call home. Just like in another dream, I had to think about what the phone number was. The LAN line number no longer existed (like in real life), so I had to remember her cell number. It didn't take long for me to remember it, though. Dialing it was a different issue. None of the numbers were where they ought to be on the phone. I went to dial based upon a normal phone layout, but none of the numbers were right. I looked very carefully at the buttons when I realized this, and it was hard to make out what the numbers were. I thought about how silly this was - calling on a sausage - and I hung it back on the rack. Instead, I picked up another item that was a small, baby head-sized, wax baseball helmet. It was sealed in plastic, and this was also some quirky cell phone. I don't think I even attempted to figure this one out before I realized that I could walk a few feet over to the cash registers and just dial out on a real phone.

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