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Sharks On The Beach

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I'm not sure where this dream applies - I think it's for someone else, but I don't know who...

I was on a beach. My brother was nearby with a few other people. I knew that four sharks had been washed up on the beach and were stranded there on land. These sharks actually looked like eels - they were long and brown, and they didn't have shark heads...more like eel heads. They were drying out and their color was faded from being out of the water. My brother and his cohorts were going to "save" them by placing them back into the water. I felt that the beach was better off if they weren't put into the water, but I was not a part of this rescue - I was only an observer, separate from the event. I watched as they placed one into the water, and then a second one. I watched one of the two, closely. There was a narrow tunnel or cave underwater just a foot or so past the water's edge. It was just barely big enough for one of these sharks, and the one that I watched occupied it with its head facing me and the shore. I saw its color return as it sat in the water - it was still brown, but it was no longer faded now that its life had returned. Again, while I could appreciate how it had been saved, I didn't think it was a good idea since it was now less safe to enter the water here. As I watched it in its cave, I saw a brightly-colored yellowish fish swim in front of the shark's face. The shark didn't attack, but I felt that it could at any moment, and I feared for the fish.

Only two of the four sharks were returned to the water in the dream.

Next, a kind of reunion began to take place on the beach. Everyone, myself included, was in beach attire. I saw a girl from high school that was very popular and was arguably the most beautiful in our class. She sat down near the water's edge a few feet from where I was. It stood out to me that she had...let herself go since high school. She was no longer as pretty as she used to be. She would have intimidated me a bit if she was the same, but I was not the slightest bit intimidated now. In real life, I was actually friends with her, but I did consider her "out of my league."

Others began to gather, and a different girl sat down beside me. She was in another recent dream of mine - a girl from my class that is now a teacher, and the fact that she was a teacher came to mind in my dream. I somehow ended up with my fingers entwined with her own. Yes, like holding hands, but the fact that our fingers were entwined was more of the focus than the act of holding hands. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, though.

One more detail about the end of the dream: When I looked around at other people, I expected to be intimidated by them. Basically, I expected their physique to be more...beach-worthy...than my own. However, I looked at myself and found that I actually looked the best out of everyone who had showed up, and that was really encouraging to me.

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Hi again, Mark!

Interesting dream! After waking up from the dream, did the dream impressed in your mind about a distinct person/s in particular? I always view sharks in my dream as "malicious talk".  It may not have the same meaning for you.  Since you were watching carefully over the eels/sharks and the fish. It gives me a sense that you're being intuitive about a situation that may be already occurring or will be occurring soon that needs to be "watched over".

I think your dream is a good one, actually. You seem to be more objective about how others from High School have turned out and how you've turned out... that in comparison, you've matured more in ways they have not. And now you've come to appreciate how you've turned out.

As for the girl, holding her hands ... perhaps, because she's a teacher, you like the lessons you're being taught so far in life and that's why you were so focused on it? Just a few thoughts that came to mind. Pls. toss what doesn't seem to fit.

Have a great day Mark!


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