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Return To Retail - The Bearded Manager

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I'm pretty sure it started with my stepdad dropping me off at my former retail job to work. My stepdad often represents God in my dreams. Well, while at the store, I worked all day long. I had started early in the morning, like 5:00, and pretty soon it was 11:00. I had worked pretty hard, and it felt like I was getting back in to the swing of things. I was in management, again, and at 11:00 I sat down at my desk to take a quick break. There was another manager at a desk near mine, and she was speaking to her son on the phone. It seemed like she had been chatting for a long time. Well, I hadn't had anything to eat all morning, so I grabbed something small - like some kind of granola bar or something like that - and was just about to eat it. The store manager appeared and asked me to join him in his office at my earliest convenience. I had this feeling inside like I felt justified in taking my little break and that it was being questioned, somehow. Still, I wasn't going to finish it. I immediately got up and walked into his office.

Once inside, I found that the room was filled with other managers from within the store. They were all seated at a big table, and I took a seat among them, and yet not quite at the table. The store manager continued his meeting with all of us that had apparently started before I entered. I spent a moment thinking about his appearance. He was in his 40's, most likely, and he had this odd beard. It was at least 4" long, but it didn't begin on his jaw like you'd expect. It was growing from about a half inch beneath his jawline, from his neck. I felt like the beard, itself, was alright, but that he should have grown it from a different part of his face. The face of the man reminded me of Conan O'Brien....plus a beard. Then, I thought about how he'd look after I would have worked there for many years. I could see how gray his hair would become years down the road. It felt like I'd be around to see that when it actually happened.

The man continued his meeting, and the only part that was clear was that he reminded everyone of a policy to park our cars in our personal, designated stalls. I wasn't sure which one I was supposed to use since it was my first day back, but I'd move my car to wherever it needed to go. I also felt a bit out of place in this assembly of people...but, I also felt like I could do this job well.

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