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Train Crash

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I'm riding in a truck with an old friend and coworker named Jason. I haven't seen him in many years. We both worked in retail at the same time, and it felt like we were coworkers in this part of the dream. We were heading in to work, and I had this small sense of trust in him to get us there. It was snowing outside, and the road looked like a highway that I drive almost daily. We weren't really having any trouble in the snow. However, we rounded a curve and saw a train coming at us. The train was out of control, and began to lay on its side as it barreled toward us. Jason cranked on the steering wheel to try to catch the inside curve of the turn to avoid the train. I was so frightened, and I was praying in the spirit....first quietly, then louder and louder the closer we got. I was calling on Jesus's name at the same time, and we ended up just barely avoiding the train.

Next, the scene changes and we're below ground - almost like a subway area. There are other people there as well. Because of the train being derailed on the surface, we couldn't go up there. I understood that, as did other people around us. A child came up to me, and she was either my own child or she was my niece. She told me that she wanted to go to the surface, and I laughed a little when I told her that she couldn't right now. I said something like, "Oh, you could, but there's that whole train thing going on..." which pretty much meant that you couldn't. I moved along with the others towards wherever we needed to go in this subway place.

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