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husband confesses

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hi all it has been a while. last night I had a dream I was in the driveway of my mother's new house she recently moved in. my husband has not been there before. in the dream he walked out of the front door to the car where I was and confessed to me he was wrong for all he has done and that he wanted to work things out. in my dream I felt insensitive to what he was saying. there was nothing there for me. I had a good week last week. Sat night and Sunday morning I finally had this peace that if he does not want to change things that I cannot keep holding on to this marriage having false hope that he'll try to be with me again. after that revelation I no longer feel sad and worn down you know. for once I told him this on Sunday and let him know that I would move on with my life and more than likely start dating if someone had interest because I'm not going to be miserable with something/someone I cannot change. recently it has seemed impossible that he would change his mind about not getting a divorce up until Sunday when I told him this. he seemed somewhat nervous about following through with it. I am fairly certain the thought of me being with someone else crushed him. if he did confess and want to be back with me, I think I would respond just as I did in the dream. that is just how I feel now these past couple days, but with knowledge and wisdom I know I should want to agree to restore our marriage if he wants to, and if he wants to make those changes of course. I am unsure if there is more to this dream or not and share thoughts if desired, but please keep us in your prayers. have a blessed week

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