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Sever of umbilical cord

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I had a dream that my navel or cord had been broken or severed and I could see the stitching in my stomach. It was minimal blood. I could see blood but it wasn't alot. I didn't feel any pain. I was awake during the entire procedure. My best friend was in dream but silent, almost like she was overseeing it or observing it.
Then I woke up. When I returned back to sleep after praying about the dream, I had another dream in which I was given a chart where questions were being answered. The questions that stood out to me were a checkbox that was checked with the word"tither" - yes. And I heard a voice say The Lord will provide.

Umbilical cord means: symbolic of being attached to someone or something. An umbilical cord can also signify the need to attach (Christian dream book)
The life giving force between a mother and child. To sever the cord: a child grows into adulthood. Emotional dependency on your mother and have not learned to take care of our needs in a mature way.

Lack of individuality. Expressing some anxiety about being on your own. Too emotionally bonded with your mother.

To cut an umbilical cord indicates that you need to be self sufficient and stand in your own 2 feet.

Navel: dependency on mother

The dream seems to be self explanatory. I obviously am physically and emotionally attached to my mom. And God is severing what she provides to me, meaning resources. I'm going to be hurt but he is going to mend it that's what the stitching signifies and I will make it. I think he is saying I will provide because you are a tither.
My major concern is if this dream is a physical loss like loss of my mom in the physical sense.
My best friend in the dream just signified that she was going to be there for me.


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I don't believe this is about death because of the checkbox with the word "tither". I believe God is letting you know that he will provide for you. REmember, you didn't feel any pain when the cord was severed. I would think if it was about your mother passing away, there would be some pain.

Just some thoughts...not an interpretation...

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