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Noodle Machine

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I was in this area that was part of a much larger area. There was this large machine there where you dumped your material (like dough) into the top of it, and then these two large drill-shaped things would mix it up and force it out the bottom of the machine in a long, wide ribbon shape - like, say, lasagna noodles. It'd come out in one, long, continuous noodle.

There was an asian couple - I want to say, Vietnamese, maybe - that operated this. They asked me to help them, almost in desperation. There was a man there who was demanding his food, and they were scrambling to meet his demand. I don't know what I did, but I helped them, somehow. It felt like they were going to suffer a loss through this transaction with the man, but they accepted that and just wanted to get him out of there.

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