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Kittens Dream

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I can't tell you how glad I am to have had this dream. I've been seeking God all week long on this, pleading to have confirmation to put me at ease about it all. As the nights went by and I didn't have confirmation, I was kinda bummed out.

In the dream, I was in my old room at my parents' house. It was like I lived there - bed, furniture, etc. I had brought the two kittens home from the Humane Society and they were inside the cat carrier. I was not going to force either one to come out and interact with me since I expected them to be timid in their new surroundings. I opened the carrier and left it like that so that they could come out when they wished. The carrier was either on the bed or alongside it, but it was at the same level as it. I layed on the bed and purposely played a video game so that the kittens didn't feel any pressure to come and meet me. They'd approach when they were ready.

There were many characters within this game that I was playing (not one that I know of in real life). The characters all had individual portraits, and two of the portraits were those of the individual kittens. This seemed really interesting to me. While I messed with this game, one of the kittens came out of the carrier and began checking out the bed and me. I didn't look at it - I let it explore on its own, feeling that he'd eventually come up to my face when he wanted to. I felt that this one, being the first one out, was the dominant one. I waited for the 2nd one to make its way out, but I wasn't going to pressure it. I expected it to be slower in opening up.

Since it was taking a while, I began to wonder if the 2nd cat was the one that I expected. I went back to the video game and scrolled through the portraits, and when I found the one for the 2nd cat, I felt reassured. I looked over at the carrier, and I was a little surprised to see a different cat come out than what I expected. This cat was the same age as the others, but it was all grey (they should be orange). I wasn't sure what to think about that. However, I did know that the other orange cat was still inside - no doubts about that.

Right after I expected it to happen, my family began to arrive at the house, one at a time. I knew that they'd want to see the kittens. My sister and niece seemed to be first. I expected my sister to be "meh" about them, but I knew that my niece would be excited.

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