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Jerk Dad Battle

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I was part of some family. I was meant to be a temporary brother to about four other brothers. They all had the same mother, but not the same father...although I don't know how many different fathers there were. The eldest brother was maybe in his early teens, and the youngest was likely in late elementary school. Now, no father lived there, but one would visit to take financial advantage of the family. After I was a bit acquainted with the family, I looked outside to see the arrival of this father. He had a huge black pickup truck with writing on the side - like a business vehicle. I watched as the truck changed into a trailer - a place where he'd be staying while he was there. When one of the kids saw that his father was there, I said, "Apparently, your father drives a Transformer..."

I understood immediately what the father was going to do while he was here. There was this arena, like for a conference, and it was high up in the air. There was a long set of zig-zaging stairs to get to the top where the event would take place. The father expected the mother to line the stairs with two stripes, sorta like a ribbon, both the same color (maybe yellow), and they'd be placed down the center of the steps like two lines on the road. The mother did this, and I felt it was more than unreasonable to expect her to - the stairs just went on forever, it seemed. Once she was done, the stairs filled instantly with an endless line of people to see this man do whatever he did. It felt like he was some local official of some kind. Well, the line of people would move a few steps, and then everyone would take a swig of liquor - there were endless bottles lined up on the railing of the stairs. A few more steps, another swig for all.

I felt the need to break this man, to weaken him and drive him into submission. Not kill him, necessarily, but I was going to take him down. I had my sword in my right hand, and I believe that I was dressed in some white clothing/armor. Next thing I know, I'm at the top of the stairs in the arena. The man knew I was there for him, and we entered into a great struggle. However, though he was taller and bigger than I was, I knew I was taking him down. After a decent period of time, I got the man on his back on the ground. I extended my left hand toward his chest and said the word, "Pressure." The dream ends just after this.

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