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Spouse plays with stranger's hair

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I was attending a festival or state fair with my estranged mate. As we stood in a very long line, a woman with 2 small girls came and stood behind us. She had very beautiful glossy, dark hair. My spouse stopped in mid-conversation then turned and began running his fingers through the woman's hair and caressing her cheek. what  I said "What are you doing?" He replied that I needed to 'stop tripping' and continued what he was doing I left them standing there and took dozens of buses, trains, etc., to put distance between us.

Next, we were seated in a pastor or counselor's office. My mate had told him that we were supposed to be working on our marriage but that I refused to cooperate. I related to the man what had taken place at the festival and he actually chuckled a bit. He then questioned whether I had simply misunderstood what had happened...It seems that my husband had told his version of the events before I entered the office. Trying to help them understand my point of view, I tried an illustration. I asked my mate how he would feel if I just walked up to another man and began caressing his face and being affectionate, etc.,? They both kind of laughed it off and tried to get me to back down but I refused to budge. {In real life, my spouse had a habit of glaring at any man near me (even at church) while he teased and joked with women just about everywhere we went}. I started crying out of frustration at that point...

When I wouldn't relent, the counselor tried to get my spouse to humor me by just saying "Sorry" without discussing the appropriateness of his behavior towards the woman. I remember feeling such frustration and tremendous sorrow almost like learning of someone's death from a lengthy illness after they had seemed to be improving. I woke up feeling very distressed and like I had been crying but there were no tears on my face. Concerned about my blood pressure (it's been up lately), I forced myself to breathe slowly until I calmed down and fell asleep once more.

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