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I Got The Car But I Didn't Get The Job

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Last night I dreamed that I parked a black 2013 Kia optima in a parking space at a restaurant (a car that I want in real life). I walked in the restaurant through the backdoor. I was going to order breakfast then I changed my mind and I was saying no one knew I was back there since I came through the back door. So, I was leaving out the front door and I was trying to figure out how to get over to the other side since I had come in a different way. So, then there was something about me not getting the job. I was wondering why I didn’t get the job and I was going to stay and ask this man (I’m assuming he was the manager) why I didn’t get the job. Since, I was going to stay longer I was wishing I had parked my car in a better parking space so no one would put dents in it. Someone told me I could go in the bathroom and look in the mirror to see if my car was okay. So, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw the black car and it was okay. Then I preceded down the hall with this girl because she didn’t get the job either and she was knocking on the door asking this man why she didn’t get the job and he said because you left your wallet in the bathroom (he didn’t open the door he just shouted this out). Then we knocked again to ask why I didn’t get the job and he told me to wait until he got done with whoever he had in his office. So, I was going to wait because I was still wondering why I didn’t get the job. The dream ended with me saying I got the car, but I didn’t get the job. Any thoughts.

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