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Almost kidnapped, but saved by Ira

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I was downtown with some people and ran into an old friend from college who went by Chili (Ryan is his real name). We stood at an intersection in a crowd of people to cross the street. I asked him where was some event taking place. He gave me a broad description of the area and then handed me a flyer of another event he was associated with that was at a later date. A girl walked up to us and I could tell she was with him. I introduced myself and then we began to part since the crowd was moving due to the signal change.

A man behind me started to fondle me and it made me uncomfortable. I thought he would stop because I pushed away. He started to talk to me and forcibly insisted me to come with him. He pulled me down some stairs which looked like it connected to a subway. But all I saw was darkness at the bottom of the stairs. I was holding on the railing as hard as I could and then I somewhat pulled myself up to the bottom of the posts/fence that was on groundlevel but not far enough to stand up. There was a lady on the other side of the posts but she didn't notice my struggle. I didn't have enough strength to get loose from this man and in the busy crowd there were people around who I knew but who also weren't paying attention. I said help. A guy named Ira who I went to high school with (haven't seen him in years) heard me and he was coming to rescue me. Another girl from high school who he was with also followed him to help me. I knew he would tackle this man who was grabbing me although I could not see how he got rid of this man but I was free!
I had to look up the name Ira because he came out of nowhere in this dream. Ira means "watchful". When I read that I burst into tears! I don't know exactly what circumstance this dream represents, but I felt such great joy and so loved by God that his presence is always available upon our call and he has his angels watching and protecting us 24/7. I had to have a mini praise session this morning. I am unsure what the abduction is about, but I feel at peace knowing that in the end I can be saved as long as I call out to God and not try to handle it in my own strength.

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