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ana alexandra

Sink full of Ribs

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After prayer this morning I dreamt that my 3 children (daughters) and I moved into a medium size house. I didn't know how we got there but I can tell we just moved in and everything was neat and clean but there were still items unpacked. I somehow knew that an acquaintance in ministry was doing things to help me with the house and the big yard without telling me. He was just doing it.
I walked down some stairs and was able to see into the kitchen while still on the stairs. I noticed that there were a sink full of ribs in bbq sauce. I thought where all of these ribs came from. I went to the sink then looked out the window and I noticed a car sitting outside in the driveway. The acquaintance in ministry was just sitting in the car doing something on his phone. I thought I need to clean up so that I can thank him for doing all of this stuff for me without me asking and for giving me those ribs.
I went to the bathroom downstairs to make myself presentable and when I came out my acquaintance was sitting at the kitchen table. He never said anything to me. He just sat and was working on his phone.
I started looking for containers to place the ribs in. I thought there were so many that we couldn't possibly have enough space to put them away. I remember eating some of them and thinking how good & tender they were.
I cleaned up and when I looked over at the table my acquaintance had a plate of food as well. I heard him instructing his son (he has 3 children also 2 daughters and 1 son).
I walked into the dining area and there sat a man & woman. I somehow knew it was my acquaintance parents. I greeted them as if they were family then proceeded by the stairs because I had to take my children somewhere.

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