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I Found My Purse

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I dreamed I was leaving my house with my mother and we were going to a store.   We drove to the store and we went in.  When I came out of the store I noticed I didn’t have my purse.  So, I thought maybe it was in the car.  So, I was looking on the backseat under jackets to see if I had put it on the backseat and covered it up.  There was a purse back there but it wasn’t mine.  So, then I decided to call home to see if someone could look in my room to see if I had left it there.  At this point we are back in the car driving. At first was having difficulty dialing the number.  Finally I was able to make the call, but no one answered.  I wanted to pull over so I could look in the trunk to see if I had put my purse in the trunk.  So, we made it back home and I popped the trunk.  There were two purses in the trunk, but it wasn’t the purse I was looking for. I walk up on the porch and someone is saying how they are putting money in the envelope and they are holding up an envelope. I say something to them and open the door to the house.  So, I went in the house and walked down the hall to my bedroom.  Once, I got to the door there was a key in the keyhole and the door was slightly open. I wasn’t sure who was in the room, so I started knocking on the door.  This man opened the door and said my name.  I walked in the room and there is my purse.  I look through my purse making sure everything is still in it.  My cards were all there and my money was still in it.  I was so relieved that my purse was there and all my stuff was still.  Throughout the dream I was stressed and panicking.  Then I started flirting and talking with the man who opened the door.  Then the dream ended.

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