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Should I jump?

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Last night I had a dream where I was at the China mall shopping. Here in South Africa we have a place called "China Mall". It's a place where there is A LOT of little shops and you can find anything there and the bonus is that the prices are VERY GOOD. All the shop owners are from China.

A while back IRL I went there to shop for some photography props (I'm a part time photographer). Anyway, in my dream I was with other people (friends) at the mall and we were shopping. We wanted to go to other shops but there was a hole in the floor in the passage that was a square with walls on either side. Down below was the parking lot. We wanted to get to the other side but had to jump. It looked like about a 1.5 meter or 2 meter jump we had to make. All of a sudden I was alone and my friends was on the other side. In my dream I didn't see them jump. One of the shop owners (chinese man) came to me and said I just have to run and then jump. It's not that difficult. I was scared and didn't know if I'll be able to make the jump and if I don't I'll probably fall and die. I took of my shoes and had them in my hand and started running. There was people that supported me on the other side wanting me to succeed. As I got in front of the hole I stopped because I was scared. Then a lady I know IRL came walking up to me and said she is going to jump and she wasn't scared AT ALL!! She had do much confidence! So she started running and jumped.......BUT she didn't make it and fell!!! We were all shocked!!! And too scared to look if she is still alive. I remember her daughter was with me all of a sudden and we cried. Then the lady came walking up some stairs that was on the right hand side of the hole and the stairs came from the parking lot to where we were. She was fine and wasn't hurt AT ALL!!! We were so relieved and knew it was a miracle. I was crying and told the daughter that God protected our eyes and that God is so awesome! In my dream it made sense and it was like a light when on, but now I don't know what I meant by God protected our eyes.

IRL about 8 years ago I received prophetic word that I will be standing at a cliff and I don't know if I should jump or not. Some company is going to head hunt me (to work for them), because I'm good with people and that it's going to happen in a supernatural way. Now, this dream sounds as if it has to do with this Word I received. It's been 8 years since I received the Word and it still didn't come to pass.........so maybe this is God telling me that the time is now.

Love in Christ

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