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Putting Money In Elevator For It To Work

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I dreamed that I was going to get my backpack out of my car. My car was parked in a parking garage. I was looking and walking trying to find out how I was suppose to get to my car. Then I stumbled upon an elevator that was coming down. I pushed the button to go to the fourth floor, but I had to put $4.00 in the machine for the elevator to work. There was already $1.00 in the machine so I just pushed that one back in. Then I proceeded to put $1.00 in at a time. One dollar was green on one side and white on the other, so I was hesitant to use that one at first. I skipped over that dollar and put in another. I had to use the other dollar that was green on one side and white on the other. The dream ended from there.

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