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Colorful Bird Walking Along With Me

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So, in my dream I pulled into this place where I was going to give a presentation. I remember seeing this man that likes me and heard someone say he's not going anywhere. I parked the car and I had a notebook with that had the things I needed for my presentation. As I was walking toward the building I saw these two big chickens coming from the under this car. I continued walking and then I saw this colorful small baby bird walking along with me. The bird appeared to be very happy. As we continued to walk towards the building I was telling it to get out of the street and it did. I don't know where the bird went after I got inside the building. I had to wait in the waiting area until the room was ready. So, I was going over my presentation and rehearsing what I was going to say. I was looking over my notes and things that I had printed off for my presentation. Then I saw this little girl come along and sad we could go into Room A when we were ready.

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