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I had a dream that my daughter in law, son and I were at the train station and I had a suitcase (old blue one that I keep my papers in). Don’t know where we are going but it has something to do with their insurance. I am calling and calling for my son to come because the train is coming but he does not come. My daughter in law has clothing lying on the platform and I tell her she has to move them so that this lady can walk by. The train comes and we get on without my son and then a little girl appears and she is crying. The little girl tells me that I left her and I ask her did she tell someone at the station that she was lost and she says yes they called Wayne.
I am now at a house and I see a childhood friend named Mary and she is with this guy (could not see face). This guy is mixing douche (know this is cleansing) for her and I ask her did she know that she could buy this already mixed. And she starts talking about something else (Mary appears upset with someone and is talking about doing something to them).

I am riding down a street in Southwest (grew up in this section of Washington, DC). Now all I see are these tall walls and they appear to surround me. I am trying to find a way to get to the other side of these tall walls. I walk and walk trying to get to the outside and I all I see are tall walls and then I see water. I go inside a building to a elevator and a woman is talking to me (about cats) and I am not paying attention because I don’t like cats. I go back outside but wherever I go the walls are still there and I begin to ask different people how do I get to the other side pass the walls. And then the lady from earlier says I said pray. And as I continue to ask people how to get outside the walls this man calls me to him and tells me to sustain and then there is a woman directly behind me and she’s my shield. End of dream. I get up to get myself together and jot down dream and hear this song in my mind He is able.

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