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Walking A Doctor

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I was walking down a sidewalk on a road near my parents' house. In real life, there isn't a sidewalk. The sidewalk wasn't completely clear - meaning, it had grass and stuff growing in between it. It didn't affect my walking on it, though; it was just something I noticed. Now, I was actually walking someone else down this sidewalk. This guy was a younger man, maybe around my age. He was young considering his profession: He was a doctor. It was clear to me that I was leading him somewhere. Actually, I was leading him to my parents' place, which he knew. He was walking behind me and was a slightly slower walker than I was, so I was leading him by the hand and sorta maintaining a faster pace than he'd do on his own.

The guy was smoking, which I noticed but wasn't really all that bothered by in the dream. I just noted the irony of a doctor who was smoking. The guy spoke to me about his situation. He was grumbling a bit about the hours that he was expected to work - like he was on call all the time or maybe just during late night hours. He stated that he was married and had a couple children, so getting called out at 11:00 at night was bothersome for his family life. He said it like he didn't really want to remain in this position for a whole lot longer - like he was looking for another opportunity. I listened and understood his concerns.

We reached a point where I pointed out how much further we had to go. The guy seemed to think that we were close to our destination, and we were - distance-wise. However, I explained to him how we would have to go further and backtrack to reach my parents' house. You see, we were walking down this road on one side of a river, and I pointed across the river as I told him that the house was right across the way. However, the bridge to that side was further down. So, once we crossed it, we'd have to head back in this direction, but on the other side. He accepted that. *This detail is literal in real life.

As we continued walking, I saw two people coming toward us on the sidewalk. It was a man and a woman, both older than us (but not elderly), both somewhat dirty and disheveled, and both gray in color. Not themselves, but what they were wearing - that stood out to me. I didn't have peace about their presence, and I was on guard against any kind of confrontation. They ended up walking past us without an issue.

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