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A Sweater, a Dog, Frog and Bird

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I was in this building. I'm not entirely clear on what my purpose was for being there, but it seemed like I was trying to not be seen. This place was like an apartment building, but it was more open or connected in its units than you'd normally find. It wasn't clear where things separated from "community" to "personal." An example: I was walking through this place and was in a room that I'd expect to be someone's living room. There was a large TV in an entertainment center, and there were chairs positioned to watch it. However, this room was open and accessible from many angles, like some community room. However, I knew that the TV and whatnot belonged to one person or family, so it seemed odd to me that they'd leave it available for anyone who lived in this building.

I moved throughout this place just a bit, and I found a door that led into a bathroom. Now I felt like this room was private - it was no longer meant for everyone to access, and I felt the need to be more stealthy at this point since being found meant that I was in a more personal area. I closed the door behind me and looked in a mirror. The mirror may have been on the back side of the door. While looking in the mirror, I saw what I was wearing. My outermost layer was a bright blue sweater, maybe with a neck on it. I actually liked the color of it in the dream, although I wouldn't wear it in real life because it was rather bright. I turned around to see my back, and I saw that the sweater had a long slice through it running from about the neck down to the lower back, making a hole/slit. I was aware that others would be able to see this from behind me. This slash also showed me that I was wearing another two layers underneath it, like two t-shirts (at least one was white, maybe they both were). I was aware that I probably had on one too many layers.

Next thing I know, I'm back outside of this place, and my cousin, Sara, has met me. I pointed out the slice in the sweater to her - it felt like it'd be less embarrassing if I pointed out what happened to me rather than let her (or anyone) see it and then point it out to me.

There was a small dog in this place, and I knew that it was connected to Sara - like it probably belonged to her. I wasn't all that keen on this dog. It seemed a little too high-energy, and I felt like it wasn't very controllable. It was running around, but not really interacting with me...which was fine. I had hoped that it wouldn't want anything to do with me.

I (or someone) had thrown something toward the dog - like a ball or some other small object. Sara knew about it, and said, "Don't throw things at the dog!" She was looking out for the dog, as if this was something that had happened more than once and was concerned about the dog whenever this happened. I don't think that I was the one who threw anything, though.

Now I can't see who the person was who was doing this (although it probably was Sara), but I saw that someone had picked up a small frog and had tossed it. They hadn't intended to harm the frog - they were only playing around with it. However, with one toss, a bird had swooped in and caught the frog in the air. The bird was about robin-sized, and the frog was small enough to be held in one foot. The bird took the frog up into a tree and held it between its foot and the branch. I immediately felt sorry for the frog. I watched as the bird was pecking at it, although I couldn't see clearly because it was dark out. I was able to see that the frog had earthworms all over it, which was what the bird was after. Within the dream, I wasn't sure if the worms had been on the frog when it was tossed - which would have attracted the bird - or if the worms were coming OUT of the frog after it had been caught...which would mean that it was now dead. I considered both, but I figured the frog was dead either way, and I still felt sorry for it.

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