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Man Want Let Go of Me and Biting Me

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So, this the third dream that I have had where a man is biting me.  I didn't pay them much attention because I didn't think they mean much.

In my dream last I was in a bathroom. I'm not quite sure what I was doing in the bathroom, but this man came
in.  It looks like he had plumbing gear.   Since, he didn't knock I asked how did he know I was finished, but he didn't say anything.  I started moving things out of his way so he could do his plumbing work.  Then he came up behind me and wouldn't let go of me.  Everywhere I walked he came along to.  I kept telling him to let me go.  We ended up in this office and I was explaining to someone the situation and that's how he let go. Then as we were leaving he started biting me really hard. He bites me twice on the hand and it hurt every time he bit me.  I told him instead of biting me every time I say something he didn't like just kiss me.  So, from there we just kept kissing.

In the first dream the man bit me on the neck and then he started touching me.  And then that led to us being together intimately and it woke me up.

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