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True love or not

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Hi all
I had a really bad day yesterday. I was asking the Lord to help me most of the day. Then I had this dream

I was at a house/film/drama location. With one of my very good friends. We were happy and enjoying our time there. There were lots of beautiful women there getting ready for a show. With beautiful dresses on like princesses. I was casualy dressed as I usually am. But was aware I needed to change to join the show. A guy I know was there. I could sense he was watching me. He then approached me and said he wanted to explain a teqnique to me for relaxation and nerves. He held me around the waist from behind and began to lift me off the floor and spin me round and round. I was laughing but aware we might look odd. His love was pouring over me and I felt as if we were deeply in love. He rest his head on my shoulder and almost fell asleep. I said one day you will see me dance. He said was I asking him out. I said no I meant in a show. He sounded dissapointed. He was clearly in love with me but had been hiding it well. I then broke free and said I must act now! Then I remember rooms and rooms full of make up stands like in a departnent store. I was rushing to try to find my dress in time.

I woke up happy.

Any ideas?

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