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I dreamed I was on a ship or a very large building under construction. It was going to be some kind of vacation or travelling place to counsel people. I saw walls going up, constructing rooms like they would be meeting rooms and such. As I was looking around at the place I heard myself telling someone "yes, and if I need to talk to her I can go in that room or even out on the deck". THEN SUDDENLY I found myself THRUST into the sea. It was as if I was on some kind of springboard and it HURLED ME far out into the ocean. It was very deep blue. I went down very deep, like I was coasting, but on my back. I was laughing and smiling. Strange because I was happy and scared at the same time. I also remember talking to other people saying that so-n-so was thrown into the water but saying "how is he going to get back over here out of the water" but it was really ME in the water. I also saw a lot of children (they were being disciplined) One in particular was running away from a situation because someone was about to get hurt, killed or beaten. He just ran past them and into his house which was on land.

This is the first of 3 dreams about being on a ship, large boat or cruise ship. I will post them separately. Thanks for your prayers as you read and interpret if the Holy Spirit will give you any more clarity. I am also praying for clarity.

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