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Late To A Wedding

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In my dream I was going to a wedding.  When I arrived there was no parking and where I parked had a no parking sign and I was late.  I parked there anyway.  I just tried not to park so close to the no parking sign.  I went in and I asked this girl if she had her phone.  I used her phone to call the girl who’s wedding it was.  The girl answered and I kept calling her name "Joy" to make sure she could hear me and I was trying to turn the volume up on the phone.  I told her to tell the people not to tow my car.  She asked me was that all I wanted and I said yes.  Then I was saying it was her and D's wedding.  Then someone told me I had a cute dress on.  Then I wanted to go where she was at because apparently I was in the wedding.  I came to a flight of stairs that I looked before I proceeded up them.  When I got to the top of the stairs I could hear the girl.  Then the dream ended.  Any thoughts.

In real life, there are no upcoming weddings that I’m supposed to be a part of or attend.

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