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A dream of my mom moving to TEXAS?

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I had a dream that my mom moved to Texas. In the dream I wasn't thrilled about the drive to go and visit her, but I was going with my husband and kids anyways. I did think to myself, "She is going to have to travel to us next time." When we got to her place my husband was talking to some man about storage in the attic. I could see the attic storage space, and there wasn't that much in there. In the dream I didn't take thought of this, but now I do, the attic was wide open to the elements. Not much of a shelter. In the dream i did notice there wasnt many slats (or floorboards) to place storage on. In the dream it looked like a wooden barn, with an roof that was open in spots. Some of the attic had floorboards, but some did not.

Also in the dream I was thinking about having to travel to see my dad (who recently did move irl, 3 hours north). I also was not thrilled about having to drive so far to see them.

When I woke up, I really had to take a min and ask myself if my mom moving to texas was real. I felt SO REAL!!

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