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A plant growing out where my Uterus use to be.

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Hello precious ones.

Dream A green plant growing where my uterus use to be.

I was in a gurney in a Hospital but it seemed like I was in an Airport luggage area under the Airport. Anyway they did surgery on something. As I was laying there I am feeling pain where my uterus use to be. I look down and what I see shocks me. what  I see this green plant top had grown out quite a bit. You know a bulb plant that has the top sprout out? Well it was like that only the bulb part was where my uterus use to be inside and a very long thick green stem was sticking out like it had grown a long time. lol I could not believe what I was seeing. The doctor came to check on me and I showed him the plant. He said we need to remove this. I am like oh no more pain! I asked, do I have to go through a whole other surgery? He said, "No!" He went on to say, I would not need to be put under for this. I am like oh no, I am not going to suffer while you pull this out! He said, they would give me something to drink while they pull it out. So this male nurse hands me this orange cocktail and I drink it.Then the Dr pulls out this plant and I wake up.

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