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Police Officer and Beans

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I was on a stretch of road that seemed like one in town that headed toward the interstate. An officer was pulled over on the side of the road near the remains of an accident. All that was left on the scene was plastic and glass from a damaged vehicle. He seemed to be waiting for a crew to show up to deal with cleaning that up. I pulled over as well, although I kept some distance between me and his vehicle.

After a little time, I headed over to him and offered my opinion/suggestion on the situation. I saw that the officer had a roll of yellow plastic in the trunk of his car. It looked like the rolls we have at work, and they're actually rolls of large plastic bags - large enough to cover a skid stacked up to about 6ft high. My words to the officer were something like, "What we've done before is take a piece of that plastic and spread it out near the mess, then we'd pick up the pieces and place them on the plastic. After they're on it, we can drag it all at once to wherever..." He acknowledged what I had said, but did nothing. I returned to my car and waited.

After some time, I returned to the officer and offered the same thoughts as before. His response was the same. He didn't seem to be annoyed with me, but he also didn't take action. I felt like he wasn't going to, either, because his position was one where he had other people to do this kind of thing - he only had to watch over it all until they arrived. I probably spoke to him at least 3 times, if not more, with my message being the same each time.

After the last time of speaking to him, the officer took a handful of something and placed it on the ground. It was something like seeds or even small beans. He spaced out what had been in his hand so that there were multiple, small piles of these seeds. Now, both of my cats were with me, and I understood that he had set these piles down as treats for my cats. It was a show of appreciation or kindness to me. I sat there as I watched my cats eat, moving from pile to pile. As they were doing that, someone else was there who commented on what was going on. This person seemed to be my sister, although I never looked at her. She said something like, "Oh, how nice - beans for Cannelli and Garbanzo..." I laughed since the joke was basically saying, "Beans for your two beans." I corrected her while laughing, saying, "My cats aren't named after beans!"

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