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In my dream I arrived back to my old high school where I graduated from. I was walking up the stairs into the building. I was going to get my class schedule. I saw this girl who I knew and graduated with, if she knew where to get the class schedule. She showed me where to get the schedule, but she wasn’t sure they were going to give it to her. She was saying we will see. She had already asked for her schedule. This woman came to the door and called her name to give her the class schedule. After she was given her class schedule, I gave the woman my name so she could get my class schedule. Someone else who I went to school with and graduated with also gave her their name. So, she went back to get our schedules. I remember hearing my one of my old teachers saying no one else could ask because they were only giving out so many. The dream changed before I actually received my schedule. Any thoughts.

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