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lori satterfield

Need help if you can

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Need interpretation

Dream awhile back - My sis was driving and I was in the passenger seat and my best friend who is a male threw me a football girdle. I didn't no why.
Then we saw a deep hole in which one of the bishop of my church were standing in and My male best friend was beside him with dirt that had been plowed. Then I heard Bishop say what does she do or what did she do? Like past tense and male best friend responded and said She is a trainer and the Bishop said oh she is a teacher. Then I threw the girdle back to my male best friend.

Then as I sat in the car - I was able to see the highway and I saw a station wagon car speed into the side of another car. I knew whoever was in the passenger side suffered damage

Another dream with male best friend. He was watching me open the trunk of my car and in the trunk were white robes or white garments. Then I woke up.

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