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Trying To Get Back To My Car

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In my dream I parked my car at this office building and I was going to get my food from a restaurant. I’m not sure why I didn’t just park at the restaurant because I parked pretty far from the restaurant. I had to continue to walk to the restaurant. As I was walking to the restaurant this man came out asking was I so and so. I told him yes and then he told me that he remembered me because I was beautiful. Then he told me if it was after 7:15 when I left I would have to go another direction. And I was asking which way and showed me this street. Once we got the restaurant I looked and saw it was well before 7:15, so I wasn’t worried. I paid for my food and then the man gave me an empty brown paper bag. I mustered up the courage to tell him the bag was empty. So, then he told me to run some cold water, which I did. I started to boil the hot dogs I had ordered and fixing the French fries. Once they were done the man gave me the brown bag. When I was leaving I looked at the clock and noticed it was well pass 7:15. When I walked out the door I ran into a bush and I noticed these kids and their grandmother lying on the ground. I was waving at them and I admired them for a few seconds then I continued on my way to my car. I started going the same way I came and I ran into these people who told me I couldn’t come that way after a certain time. I told them that this man had told me. So, it’s like we were standing on these wooden steps and you could feel someone was under them. It’s like they were taking a broom and hitting the steps. They were not going to let me go until they got scared of whoever was under the steps. So, they let me continue on my way and I could hear someone say. Run and don’t look back. So, I started running. As I was running up the street I saw this man running down the street on the other side. I could see that he was sweating and his shirt was wet a little. We both looked at each other. I was almost to the parking lot and I was exhausted and almost out of breath. I was trying to get to the parking lot to my car before the man was able to. But he was able to cross over to the other side and beat me to the parking lot. Some kind of way I was able to get through him and I was able to get to my car and drive off. As I was driving down the road I looked through my mirror and I could see him behind me in his car, but he went another way. Any thoughts

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