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Climbing A HiLL

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In my dream, I hooked a water hose up at the gas station.  In real life there is a gas station at the top of the street where I live.  So, I was hooking the water hose up so I could rinse my car off. I was walking down my street pulling the water hose trying to make sure it could reach my car.

When I finally got to my car it was parked on this steep hill with leaves that had fallen from the trees surrounding it.  In real life I don’t live on a hill, but the scene still took place in my neighborhood.   So, I looked up at the hill and to myself I was saying that I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t climb the hill to get to my car.  I tried to climb the hill anyways.  It’s like I grabbed on to something and I was able to pull myself up the hill.   It took a lot of strength. Then I began rinsing my car off and then the car changed into a black SUV that I was rinsing off. In real life I have a Tan SUV.  The black SUV was a different style from what I drive now.

After I rinsed the car off I was going to return the water hose to the gas station.  As I was walking I thought I saw a bear.  At the time I was only seeing squirrels.  Then at the top of the street a bear appeared, so I turned around and began walking back down the street to avoid the bear.  Once, I turn around there was a bear standing in front of me.  I just stood there not moving or making any noise.  I was hoping that the bear would just go way.  I woke up, so I don’t know what happen to the bear.

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