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Elephant jumping over a large gorge

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Just some background before I share the dream.  I work full time, but I'm a part time photographer.  My dream is to do photography full time.  I also have a huge love for children, especially orphans.  I once got prophetic word that there will be A LOT of children around me that I need to take care of.  That this will be part of the office of ministry that God will give me.  Another prophet told me that he sees me standing at a gorge and I'm unsure if I should jump or not (have to make a decision).  Yesterday I asked God: "I don't have money, so how will I be able to take care of orphans as the prophet told me?  Is it wrong for me to want to go into photography full time?  Is this part of the plan God has for me?"

So here is the dream I had last night:  I was somewhere in a large field (IRL I am from South Africa).  My boss was with me, as well as my mother and step dad.  We were talking and I looked at the horizon and saw a huge elephant standing at a gorge  against the sunset.  It was a beautiful scenery!!! I told my mom and boss to look over there, as something amazing is about to happen!!  The elephant jumped over the gorge.  But while in the air it looked like it panicked a bit, with legs going all over the place, but the elephant made it to the other side   happy dance    It was really magnificent to see this!!!   Then I realised I don't have my camera with me and so much wanted to capture this moment. My boss looked at me and said: "Looks like you don't want to make millions". What he meant was, that if I had my camera with me, I would have made a lot of money.

Then all of a sudden I was at the side where the elephant was (the other side of the gorge).  Right in front of me I saw A LOT of baby birds (ostriches) with their mouths open walking towards me.  You know how it looks when baby birds wants food.  All these little yellow mouths opened, desperate for food.

Does the elephant represent the word I received from the Prophet?  Does the baby birds represent the orphans I need to take care of?  This is really a special dream to me  :hooray: 

Love in Christ

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