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True Flight

coboy riding a horse

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I was watching a cowboy ride a horse.
It was in a lake, clear and calm like glass.
surrounded by mountains, (very serial and peaceful)
The water was shallow and the rider rode his horse for a bit, then he stopped and I saw another cowboy on his horse lying in the water (he was dead)
Then the cowboy went a bit further and stopped and there in the water was another cowboy and horse dead in the water.
This happened a third time, but this time the cowboy jumped into the water and smelled the dead cowboy and horse.
He jumped up and said (Eww That stinks)
I wanted to say (Duh its over a hundred years old)
I need some confirmation on this please

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I don't have much luck with symbols, I have to go by what God is showing me. The rider on the horse is Jesus as a Shepard. The cowboys in the water are our shepherds, their dead in the water. And the smell thing was really referring to the 100 years.

What God is saying is that it has been over a hundred years since the last great revival. And he says we haven't been praying for our pastors. He wants to pour out his Spirit.

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