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A house-boat, and The friendship I ended

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I had a dream that my daughter and I were walking along a dock.  There were all these big boats parked along the dock.  There was a close friendship I ended in real life, and at we were close enough to know one anothers familys.  I passed her brothers house-boat.  He was struggling to get something closed on the boat.  I wanted to keep walking, but I could see him struggling, and my heart just couldn't ignore that he needed help.  He was trying to close something on this big boat, and the door wouldn't close bc there was a black net that was blocking the door from latching.  I helped show him the net, and moved it so that it would close.  I dont even know if words were exchanged.  Next to his boat was my old friends boat.  I knew she was in her house-boat with her family, and I also knew that she knew i was walking past her boat.  Neither of us said anything. I knew she was really infuriated at me for breaking the friendshp off, especially bc she didn't even want to confront me about it.  She normally thrives off of confrontation.  Since she didn't respond like she normally would, I knew she was done with me.  I was relieved, bc I didnt ever want a confrontation with her, and I pray our paths never cross in real life.  When I walked passed the boat irl, bats flew over our heads at the same time.  My daughter was sad, bc she misses my friends daughter, they were best friends too.  I felt sad, not because of the loss of my friendship with this girl, but that I ended up hurting my daughter in the process.  I felt sad that my daughter was sad about her friendship that she lost because of this.  My daughter wanted me to stop by and say hi, but the bats were a great distraction.  I said, "No honey, looke at these bats swooping down, we gotta go." Our house boat was right around the corner, down several boats from hers. They were really 10 times the size of a real bat, and all I could see were the shadows of them. I didn't feel afraid of the bats.

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