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DREAM: I was on vacation with my sister Julie (who is estranged from our family for many years). We were driving by the ocean looking for a place to stay and found this nice cabin. She was in charge of the plans. She picked a U-shaped wood cabin right on the ocean. It was like 2 small wood rooms with a hallway attaching both rooms at the back. One room was larger than the other. There were kids with and had an impression of one of my friends Karen being with, though don't remember her doing anything.

Upon entering I note the cabin is entirely empty, no furniture and swept clean and bare from whomever had been there previously. I note no fixtures, plumbing of any kind, not sure if there were even windows. Remember thinking it was just the right size for the amount of people we had with.

Sister Julie shares her plan with me of laying at night out on the edge of the ocean share -- naked. I had a picture in the dream of her laying on the ocean's edge with the bottom half of her body in the water, soaking. It just didn't strike me as an enjoyable thing to do -- at night, naked. Had no plan to do this myself. My sister is a little more game for new experiences than I am. Then see this group I am with busy out on the beachfront and I am walking towards them -- thinking these are my people that I am with, the group I need to be with, my family, but noting the other people also out on the beach. I have no burning desire to be with the group I am with but prefer to be with the stranger and his group. It seems dark or dusk. An unknown man is also walking out on the beach to be with his group. I mention to him my sister's plan to be out on the beach at night, naked, as in that is a really strange thing to do. Then I have second thoughts that that might not be a safe thing to tell a stranger.

Wondering if this odd dream has any meaning.

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