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Held captive, running free, getting help

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I had a dream I was in a hospital. This man was holding me and one other captive in the back room. I decided to be brave, while the man was passed out sleeping, I took a sword and stabbed him in the chest where the heart was. The funny thing is, in the dream I felt like I really stabbed him, but as I seen myself do this in the dream it didn't show blood, and it seemed like I pretended to stab this guy in his chest. Me and the other person ran out to the hallway to run free. There were nurses around, and we told them what happened and how he was holding us captive. I felt like he was still trying to come after us. The nurse gave us both and injection, im not sure what the other girl got, but mine had a thickness to it and was turquoise in color. It calmed me down immediately. I physically felt the effects in the dream, and drowsiness started to calm my nerves from the captivity.

Scene two: Not sure if this is connected or separate

I seen a young girl who goes to church with me, she is a teen. She got a job that was starting her out making only $6/hr. I told her she was getting ripped off, and that in the nanny/childcare field she could easily be making $10/hr if she was a good worker. I thought to myself, I could mentor her to help her work ethic, and she could easily make more per hour! She totally was going to listen to my suggestions, but her mom was super upset that I was swaying her daughters opinions/path. Then I understood that this girl wasn't going into the childcare field, but instead, an this was an entry position in an office setting. Even though it was less per hour, it was a door that could lead to better opportunities for the future. I felt bad that I interfered with her mothers plan for her daughter. I ended up telling the daughter I was wrong and her mom was right, that she should listen to her moms wisdom. Even though there was more immediate money on the childcare side, this would lead to better opportunities for the future.

PS I worked as a nanny/household manager my whole adult life before having children. This is for sure a great field, and i made decent money for not having a college education, but def does not have many promising opportunities for the future. I never experienced an office position. My parents did not have a hand in shaping my decisions for my future, I just did what came naturally and followed whatever doors opened up for me.

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