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Driving into church with a scooter (bike)

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I was driving a girly white scooter (high speed) into a very religious church. By religious I mean, that they believe in Jesus but they don't preach on gifts from the Holy spirit and don't believe that people can heal or prophesy through the power of Jesus. I guess you know what kind of churches I'm referring to. When I stopped inside the church I looked back when I hit the brakes and saw that my scooter left a mark on the thick carpet that was a very rich red color. I thought that a lot of people are going to judge me for driving into / inside the church building and might say that I don't have respect for God's house. All the people looked at me, but not in a judgmental way.

I pushed my scooter to the outside where an elderly lady and her husband was standing. Two very sweet people. They were very interested in the scooter and they asked me if it is a double wheel and I said "no, it's a single wheel, very old model". The old man took the scooter from me to help me put it away so that we can go into church.

Inside I saw my parents, and a cousin of mine with his ex-wife. They separated recently.

Important symbols I think:
Religious church
Brake marks
Red carpet
Old sweet couple interested in scooter
Wheels (single wheel)
Separated couple


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Hello, Sirianta -

Is there a situation where you feel like you're being watched by the "religious?" You mentioned your family at the end of the dream and shared their real life situation. Do you think the dream could be about others looking to see how you respond to that situation? You left a "mark" on the floor in the dream. This could be a positive mark left on their lives. Maybe they're used to a "religious" response to their situation, and you will be able to use this as an opportunity to put their focus on Grace.

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