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Walking To The Gas Station

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In my dream I was outside and as if I was in school, but it took place outside my house. After school was over my old friend and I were going to walk to up the street. After a few minutes I changed my mind, but then she told me I needed to go up the street. So, I decided to go ahead. I grabbed my bag and was saying how I didn’t want anyone to get my computer money. It was a shoulder bag that had a laptop of mine in it. We proceeded to walk up the street. Once we got up to the top of the street I stopped and I saw this man I knew, but my friend continued to walk. She had a got a few feet in front of me, so I had to take big leaps to catch up to her. Then I made it to the gas station, which was my destination. My friend and I told each other bye once I got to my destination. She continued on to her destination. Any thoughts

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