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Peter Odhiambo


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In this vision of 24/11/2013 around 6:15am, The Lord presented to me the vision that concerns the state of the church, this is how it happened, I was standing on low ground , before me was a highway that was floating in the air some heights above the ground, from where I was standing few distance away, I looked, and behold animals were passing, I could see some giraffes, some zebras, sheep and and cattle so this was a journey of both tamed and untamed animals moving across my view in huge drives , as these movements came closer passing right before my face and presented to me much clearer I keenly noted they had faces of human beings though most of these creatures had animals bodies and still walked in four limbs, at this very moment when these creatures passed before me now able to tell what they were, to my shock I realized far above the bridge up in the sky, a dark cloud was slowly forming and slowly assembling and becoming different from other cloud patterns in the sky, drifting downwards, gloriously dangling and at the same time moving downwards to the hanging bridge, amazingly and orderly it placed it self a few metres above the floor of the highway, it did not touch the highway road but rested right above it.

At this moment the Lord made me to admire this thin and fine beautiful cloud, and the spirit of the Lord made me to know that I indeed was admiring this cloud of his glory and when I actually longed for it and wanted to be there with him , the mighty hand of Jehovah God lifted me from where I was standing and by his hand and finger he carried me and made me sit right in the middle of his cloud, making me further to know with everything within me that this was his mighty presence that clothed me almost totally being suffocated by it , his love was there, his faithfulness was there and I also felt a strong urgency from that time that the Lord’s people, everyone should get to be there, meanwhile as I rested, overwhelmed, the mighty Holy spirit again appeared to me from this floating posture place in another form, in an image of a giant HEN and it brooded below the cloud that rested me, so I was able to see this HEN below me and indeed, the HEN covered the ground with her wings and it appeared ferocious and so HUGE, it was this moment in sudden change of events that I noted this to be mother hen and it covered her young ones, again I repeat this was a very big HEN that is beyond description and no breed on earth can match it..

This mighty scene abruptly changed and the mighty hand of the Lord brought me where I was now able to step on this holy highway standing before the mighty hen. At this moment I also found out that a big ladder had appeared at the right side of the highway, a ladder having staircases as that one which would lead people from the plane, You can see that this was a hanging road in the air and probably you can see the purpose of this ladder already. Right before me as I pondered all these quickly transforming events, terrified and completely consumed, I looked as what have been under the covering of this huge Hen, were not its young ones as I previously thought by the sounds they made when the hen first presented herself, instead from the covering of the hen, many rats shot out, initially coming out one by one after another, but many of them and many, many more rolled over as the hen shook herself, they appeared weak and dirty and helplessly rolled over down the staircase, I watched and the stirring also caused the real chicks to move away from the mother’s covering but ended up around her, circling her later on being drawn back into the covering where they previously belonged. From this point in the same events of this visitation I have only shared what the lord has allowed me to share.
Again as I stated earlier, this visitation of the Lord occurred to me in the night of 24/11/2013 and the Lord made me know beyond doubt that he is speaking to the church by the events from this vision

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