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Former Pastor's wife is Pregnant

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I am back in my old college classroom, Petes (my old Professor I would have had this year if I didn't leave) left to make copies. A former Alumni was in charge of the class, instead of the usual crowd of all White students, I saw more Black and Hispanics. I met Four sisters who were both twins, they seemed very excited to be at JUFL. I told them to be careful, especially around the Girls. I found myself talking to them in a dorm I was always in, I asked them to walk me to mine and they said sure. They later on ditched me, I walked into my former church. My former Pastor's middle daughter was graduating that day. They played a slide with photos, wishes for her. A very odd thing happened, I saw a slide with my handwriting wishing her a successful 2014. Seeing that I never wrote anything, it left me puzzled. He announced his wife was expecting a baby in 23-26 weeks. We were all shocked, seeing that she just turned 41. I see his wife corner my mother, saying "We really need to go out sometime." I just laughed, seeing that she tried that once and it ended up costing the church our membership. We left to go home, I get a phone call from our Former "Former" Pastor's wife, she apologizes for the delay for my birthday gift. She invites us out to the cheesecake factory.

I had this dream a few days ago:
I finally secured a stable job with City Hall, IRL: however due to my church (The one I grew up in) had a major debt around $7 million dollars, City hall had bought it to save the church. I was working my desk, which was pretty boring but paid very well. T (Former First Lady's son) comes in saying he needs to speak with me. I said "Sure, leave the door open." He comes up to me, "I need you, I don't want to be married anymore." I gave him a confused look, IRL he just got married on Valentine's day because he got her pregnant, which his parents don't know about that detail. I tell him to leave my office, seeing that I had no desire for any more drama.

I had this dream, and the very next morning I see him driving in the lane next to us. He looked more depressed than what he did in October. He always had a weird thing for me, a month before he was engaged he still acted as though he still had some sort of attraction for me. However, on the other hand I have been praying a lot because I volunteer at the city hall, I want it to turn into a job for me.

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