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Mice infestation

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I had a dream I was working for my old boss, usually in my dream she symbolizes my best friend (who has similar qualities as my old boss). Part of the dream took place in my other friends home, with a different set of people, and the other part was in my bosses house. In the portions with our other friends, we were just visiting, and fellowshipping. In the part about my boss, there were changes being made to her house. One with a projector of sorts. I remember her having a professional cook in her kitchen. She hired someone who was touring the house with me. She was pointing out things that were wrong, but now I cant tell you what she was selling or pointing out. I went into the basement for something, and I could see two uncarpeted areas, that were completely infested with mice!! I almost threw up there were so many!! I went to tell her, and she didn't react much about it, which surprised me. I was talking with her later, and goofing around, and i touched the side of her pants. She reacted about that, and was worried about her white pants getting dirty. Then she realized my hands were clean, and she went back to being normal.

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