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A burning bush, Indians, and a stolen motorcycle

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this is a long one...
My husband and I were looking at a house we were going to buy and we were outside on the property. I picked up what I think was a root ball and tossed it, and as it went through the air it burst into flames and landed in a bush. The bush caught fire and it looked like the fire was spreading, so I ran to the house to call 911. A man appeared in response to the call, but the fire had already gone out. (There was no fire truck with the man – he was alone.)

We were then on the inside of the house, in the kitchen looking around. It was a large room and other people – one or two – were with us, but I could never see them. Anyway, as we wandered around the room, I came to an area that had large counters with open shelves below that stored all kinds of baking utensils and equipment. I remember thinking that whoever owned the house before baked or made candy. I also looked around and saw a washing machine at the end of one of the counters, but was disappointed that there was no laundry room. I told my husband that we would have to remodel – to remove these large counters to make room for the laundry room. I also looked at the cabinets in the rest of the kitchen and thought to myself, these need replaced but he’ll never want to spend the money to do it.

In the next scene we were standing at the edge of a field and there were woods surrounding it and as we stood there, we could see something off to the right move in the high grass and it was a child that was hiding who got up and ran into the woods. We then saw a young Native American woman off to the other side, in the woods. Eventually all of these Indians appeared from out of the woods. (I don’t know what caused me to think in the dream that they were all Native American Indians.)

I had the sense that people were with my husband and I, but as in the kitchen scene, I don’t think I actually saw or knew any of them, and we were watching the Indians gathering together or something. We were invited to join a parade of sorts – more like one of those conga lines – and as I was thinking about whether or not to join them, a woman off to the left raised her arms shoulder height. I turned to my husband, I raised my hands high to the sky, and as I was about to say “we don’t worship like that (meaning she was about to worship the earth); we worship our God like this,” all the Indians, and the woman, did the same thing. And as I was standing there, hands raised, I realized I was wearing no clothing below the waist. I was concerned that whoever was standing behind me could see my back-side while my hands were raised. When I checked though, my coat was covering my bottom.

In the next scene a man riding a motorcycle drove past the parade and I followed him. I saw him go through a doorway and drive the bike up some stairs and the next thing I know, I’m standing in this small cave-like room, and somehow up high, watching the man. He parked the motorcycle and was feeling as though he got away with it – it wasn’t his, he’d stolen it – when he happened to look up and see me looking at him, and he knew I’d found him out. Above me, sort of laying in the rafters, was the owner of the motorcycle who had witnessed the whole thing.

I think that was the end of the dream. I may have awakened at this point.

Thank you for any insight offered!

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